Tuesday, 5 June 2012


As it says at the top, this was never intended to be a poetry blog. But, well, I got writing poetry on other people's blogs, and the next thing I knew, . . . something different was happening. So I decide to let it happen, here.

I have absolutely no idea what will become of this. Maybe I will get too intentional about it, or too pompous, and thus ruin everything. (Trust me; I've done that before.)

If you are here, it is either because your stumbled upon this site, or you were invited. In either case, thank you for being here.

Your comments on the thoughts, or the poetic style, are welcome. If I don't like them, I can always go away, sulk, cry, or cut you off.  Or I can blame Lydia, Rachel, and/or Helen.

~ Bear ~

Coyote lies at the edge
of the urban forest,
looking in from his
well-hidden viewpoint. 

The odours are delicious,
but a glance says, "Be wary."
The bushes across the field move,
suggesting hidden woes.

No, not wolves.
Not this close in.

The rest he can handle, 
or quickly avoid.

The mixed aromas beckon.
Slinking close to the ground
coyote transitions
from country brush
to city woodland,
trying his luck
at finding
the family


  1. I am SO looking forward to this poetic journey with you, Bear! Coyotes are quite wile-e ... I suspect yours will have a fine meal!

    (YOU can always delete comments of course)

  2. Bear! What a wonderful woodland blog. I hope you will be inspired, and you won't feel pressured or nagged by this space to write your poems.

  3. Marvelous poem, Bear! I love coyotes and this poem shows their struggle to survive. I am thrilled you are doing a poetry blog, as you have so much to offer to us. ♥

  4. ® Helen: Thank you for visiting. Yes those coyotes are wylie — not to mention sneaky. They still eat well. Usually
    Interestingly, Moose are moving closer to River City and with them come Wolves. Wolves are perhaps the only canids which can take down a person. Reminds me of a couple of years ago; a Cougar from Montana was shot just a couple of blocks from where my grandchildren live. Critters can be scary.

    ® RachelW: I appreciate your coming. And I did want to have some nice woodsy colours — particularly greens and brown, and gold. I'm going to take this process very slowly, not pushing myself to do a lot. Frankly, I find it easier to write pomes on other peoples' blogs. So I've still got a lot to figure out.

    ® Lydia: Glad you stopped by, too. I noticed that I have had 58 visitors in a very short time. Not sure what to make of that, but it happened. And thanks for your kind thoughts about my understanding coyotes. Inger, on her blog has a couple of delightful coyotes in her sidebar, one peeking around some trees.

    You three ladies are major inspirations for me to do this transition from prose to poetry. Your comments, observations, thoughts (whatever) would be welcomed at any time.